Making a home insurance claim

We are always here to help in whatever way we can. We provide a comprehensive step by step guide to the claims process.

Report a Claim

How to Report a Claim?

No Nonsense report a claim

If you need to make a claim contact us: 1890 25 27 39

If you need to make a claim it is important that you know what to do. Please visit our step by step claim process. We are here for you in whatever we can be. For information about our Data Protection Statement and claims process, please click here.


  • Notify No Nonsense

    Notify No Nonsense immediately in order to fully register the claim and determine if cover is in place. In the event of a theft or attempted theft you must also notify the Gardaí immediately.

  • Prevent further loss

    You should take any reasonable steps to prevent further loss. Check your policy for details of your cover and if relevant contact our 24 hour Home Emergency Assistance.

  • Keep all damaged materials

    Do not dispose of any damaged articles before we have had an opportunity of examining them ourselves or without our approval as loss will need to be evidenced.

  • Incidents involving third parties

    Do not admit liability and contact No Nonsense immediately. Swap details and take note of any witnesses. Keep a record of any injury or damage sustained. Take pictures of the accident and the location.

Our Claims Process


Give Us a Call

At No Nonsense the majority of our claims do not require lengthy claims form. A simple 15 minute chat is all it take to get your claim moving. After our call we will send you a letter with the claim number and handler contact details.


Progressing your property claim

Depending on the type of claim and value involved we may contact you by telephone to progress your claim, arrange for one of our in-house claims appraisers to personally call to you or appoint an independent Loss Adjuster to deal with your claim on our behalf.


Getting Payment

When cover has been determined and costs agreed we can raise a cheque on the agreed settlement figure for damage to your property


Third Party Claims

Once we confirm that cover is in place we will handle all third party claims on your behalf. If you receive a letter or other correspondence from the third party or their representatives this must be sent, unanswered to No Nonsense.

We've Kept Things Simple

  • No Complex Claim Forms
  • Just 15 minutes to get your claim process started


Accidental Damage is an additional cover option that provides for damage to contents or property inside the home resulting from an accident.

All Risks is a cover option that provides for the loss or damage to portable items such as jewellery, laptops and sports equipment both inside and outside the home.

You can specify particular items you would like cover for. Note that a valuation certificate is required for any item worth more than €3,000.

You have two options. Firstly, you can choose contents cover as a percentage of your buildings cover. For example, if your building is insured for €200,000 and you choose 30% contents cover, then you have cover up to €60,000. Your second option is insuring the total value of all your contents as a separate sum.

With No Nonsense home insurance most of your contents are insured on a 'New for Old' basis.

This means in the event of a claim we will replace the lost or damaged item with a new one. Therefore when setting your sum insured for contents you should provide for the current cost of replacement with a new item of a similar standard.

Note: Some items are replaced including a deduction for wear and tear. This includes entertainment and ancillary equipment over 3 years old, floor covering over 5 years old, clothing and household linen.

You should insure your home for the reinstatement cost as opposed to full market value. You should insure your building for a sum insured that represents the full rebuilding costs of your house, including domestic outbuildings and drives.

You should make an additional provision in setting your sum insured for costs in removing debris after a loss, architects fees and additional costs in rebuilding to current construction and local authority regulations. The Society of Chartered Surveyors issue an annual guide in respect of home reinstatement.

For more information visit their website at

It is always good advice to seek advice from a builder, architect or chartered surveyor in determining a correct sum insured for your buildings.

Avoid the mistake of insuring your property for it's market value. This is incorrect and may lead to the value of your claim being reduced in the event of a loss. The market value may be more or less than the full rebuilding cost of your home.

The building under your No Nonsense Home policy not only refers to the dwelling house building but also extends to include domestic outbuildings and garages, drives, patios, decking, tennis hard-courts and swimming pools.

You must tell us of changes to all material facts relating to you or your home on this policy. If you are in any doubt about a change to your details please let us know.

Contact our Customer Service Team at 1890 25 27 37 and we will make the necessary changes and send you your updated documentation. Please be aware that a €25 administration fee may apply.

You may cancel the policy at any time by sending us cancellation instructions in writing. Provided no claim has occurred or is pending during the period of insurance, we will return to you premium as follows.

  • If we receive your instruction to cancel your policy within 14 days of the date you take out cover, or the date you receive your policy documents (whichever is later), we will return your premium less a pro-rata premium for the period for which you have been on cover.
  • If you cancel at any time after this 14 day period providing there has been no claim registered on the policy we will refund the premium less the amount due for the time you have been on cover. An administration charge will apply as shown in the policy details.

If your Policy does not meet your needs or if you are dissatisfied with the cover provided, please call our Customer Service Team at 1890 25 27 37 to discuss your options. Your cancellation rights are provided on Page 5 of your No Nonsense Home Insurance policy details

Call our Claims Team on 1890 68 56 85 to report it. We will provide you with the support you need and all the steps involved.

Our Claims Team will provide you with your claim reference number, the name of our agent dealing with your claim along with the necessary contact details.

The excess amount on your policy is the amount of money which you must pay should you have a valid claim. Your policy will only provide cover above this amount.

You can pay your premium online by debit card or credit card. There is no extra charge for using any of these payment methods. Direct debit is only available for premiums in excess of €500. This option requires an initial deposit of 25% of the premium and the remaining balance is spread over 7 monthly instalments. A service charge of 5.25% applies to the instalments.

Yes, our site uses 128-bit encryption that disguises and protects your personal and payment details and prevents them from being accessed by or disclosed to third parties. You will know that you are submitting your payment details via an encrypted page when you see an image of a lock in the grey bar at the bottom of your browser and the website address starts with https:// (rather than http://).

It is possible for you to sign up for direct debit using methods other than a paper mandate form, for example by using the internet or telephone without any requirement for a signature. Where two signatures are currently required to authorise direct debits from your bank account, we will need to send you out a paper mandate to be signed by both parties. The direct debit facility is only available for premiums in excess of €500.